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After Completing This Course You'll Be Able To:

Run Facebook & IG Ads ($1,500 value)

Run Google Ads ($1,000 value) 

Build a funnel/landing page ($1,000 value)

Build a website ($1,000 value)

Build a chatbot ($1,297 value)

Understand ad analytics so you can scale ($297 value)

Automate & optimize your social media ($997 value)

Understand ad economics so you can make sure you're profitable ($297 value)

Improve organic SEO ($500 value)

Understand ad economics ($500 value)

Skyrocket your sales and retention ($1,300 value)

Get more reviews and manage your reputation online ($347 value)

Kill your competitors with business warfare tactics ($497 value)

Scale like crazy with systems ($597 value)

Accelerate your results with expert coaching calls ($2,000 value)

And most importantly, fire your marketing (Honestly Priceless)

Total Value: A LOT

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Tell me if this sounds familiar...

You started a business and need to grow and you hired a marketing agency because you thought it would bring in sales but it didn’t work.

You paid thousands of dollars just to be disappointed and now you’re trying to figure out how to do it yourself. 
Or maybe you’re working with a team right now and things aren’t moving how you thought they would. 
Either way, something needs to change.
Sound familiar? It’s my story too.
Back in 2016 I spent over 10K with a marketing agency to market an app and I got zero results.  Since then I've obsessed with learning how to market businesses and increase their sales because I was obviously was never going to do that again. 
In fact we got so good at it we decided to help other people.
I’m Kris the founder of Almost Magical Marketing, an award winning, record-breaking agency in beautiful Las Vegas NV and here’s an awesome truth that most business owners don’t know…


You only need to know the most effective tactics, techniques, and systems they use. That's the majority of their leverage. So what's the best way to even this leverage out so you're not bleeding your business while you're trying to grow it?
That's why we created this course, to be able to teach business owners the no-bs-move-the-needle tactics they need to know to be able to do the most with the least that way they aren't stuck paying a marketing agency for things they could do on their own. 

This is for you if...

You’ve ever hired a marketing agency and weren’t happy with the results.
You want more business and want to learn how to generate it on your terms.
 You don’t want to keep hiring marketing agencies that don't work.
You can’t afford a huge agency bill right now but need to grow your business.
You’re ready to implement tactics and techniques to grow.
You believe sometimes if you want things done right you have to do them yourself.
You want an effective training course for your staff to follow.
You don't have time to spend learning tons of different techniques, you just need to learn what works!
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